McDonald Steel designs economy and strength into hot rolled special steel shapes for use as reliable automotive door hinges and durable off-road and over-road truck wheel rims. Our hot rolled special steel shapes have a long history of being fabricated into quality transportation products.

Auto & Truck Door Hinges

Hot rolling steel door hinges is the production process preferred by many of the world’s leading automotive and truck manufacturers. McDonald Steel hot rolled special steel shapes have been installed by Jeep, General Motors, Ford, Freightliner and Volkswagen as rugged door hinges.

Truck Rims

When hot rolled steel strength is needed for tough applications such as truck rims, McDonald Steel provides the dependable quality steel products required to keep America’s trucks and hauled commerce moving. Agriculture and construction heavy equipment rims provide a significant market for McDonald Steel. Our special steel shapes produce rugged wheel rim components for companies such as John Deere, Kubota, CNH and Caterpillar.