Hot rolled and sheared-to-length special steel shapes are produced on McDonald Steel’s 14” shape mill. If special length tolerances are required, we have the in-house equipment needed to cold re-shear or bundle saw cut your section.

Our facility’s roller-type shape and gag straighteners can, if required, straighten customer sections to commercial or special straightness tolerances. For smaller profile shapes, McDonald Steel has the capability to produce your hot rolled shape double wide and part the section on our custom profile slitter.

McDonald Steel’s automatic stacking and banding unit will ensure your material is stacked and bundled for safe and efficient handling at your facility.


The McDonald Steel de-twister can remove twist from a wide variety of metal bars and shapes. Our sophisticated equipment accurately twists the bar in the opposite direction of the twist, correcting the misalignment and creating a straight, twist-free bar. We have the ability to de-twist ½” to 3-1/2” thick x 1” to 10” wide x 6’ to 32’ long material.

Hot Rollers, Extruders, Cold Drawers, Machine Shops and Heat Treaters can benefit from McDonald Steel’s toll de-twisting service by greatly reducing their scrap loss. De-twisting requires proprietary tooling which is quoted separately from the cost of de-twisting. Please send a drawing along with your requirements to McDonald Steel at for a production estimate.