McDonald Steel hot rolled special steel shapes can be ring rolled into reliable pipe spigots and couplings for a variety of specialty concrete, steel and ductile iron pipe applications.

Spigot Sections

McDonald Steel’s special steel shapes for pipe spigots are manufactured efficiently and economically on our 14” hot rolling bar mill. Our special steel shapes are then fabricated into durable pipe spigots, many of which require high pressure tested joints. These hot rolled products are in use worldwide in water transmission distribution mains, power plant cooling-water lines, sewage line mains and water intake/discharge lines.

Pipe Couplings

McDonald Steel has a long history of hot rolling follower bars and middle ring sections for use in manufacturing leak-proof  pipe connections. These durable pipeline products rely on hot rolled special steel shapes to provide the durability required to absorb vibration and allow for pipe movement in an wide variety of steel and ductile iron piping applications.