McDonald Steel Corporation is a hot rolling mill that produces a variety of steel special shapes. We purchase our raw material from suppliers with varying processes to assure we procure appropriate high quality raw materials at competitive prices relative to the specific requirements of each application.

Given that a variety of suppliers are used, the following table summarizes the information regarding recycled content that was supplied to us from each of our melt sources. The Source Code Number shown in the table can be matched with the Source Code shown for each heat number included on our supplied material certification form.

Source Code
Total Scrap
Steel Used
Total Post Consumer
Recycled Content
Total Pre-Consumer
(or Post Industrial)
Recycled Content
394 100.0% 80.0% 20.0%
1569 98.0% 82.0% 18.0%
6526 97.8% 81.1% 16.6%
6527 97.8% 81.1% 16.6%
6529 97.8% 81.1% 16.6%
6532 97.8% 81.1% 16.6%
8508 98.0% 79.0% 19.0%