Agriculture and mining equipment must endure heavy wear and harsh outdoor environments. To ensure reliable performance, these industries rely on strong, corrosion-resistant metals such as hot-rolled steel. McDonald Steel’s rugged hot-rolled components are ideal for keeping heavy equipment running day after day.

Hot-Rolled Steel

Hot-rolled steel is a durable, cost-effective metal that performs well in harsh environments. It is formed by heating the steel to extremely high temperatures that exceed the metal’s recrystallization point. Doing so reshapes the metal’s microstructure, creating a tougher and more ductile material. Hot-rolled steel is stronger, more formable, and better able to resist vibration and shock.

The Hot Rolling Process

The hot rolling process is fast and cost-efficient. Mills can run continuously and process a billet in as little as two minutes, keeping production speed high.

The first step in hot rolling steel is to heat steel bars to a temperature above 1000° F. At McDonald Steel, we use specialized furnaces to evenly heat billets to 2300° F, ensuring they are completely malleable before rolling. From the furnace, the heated steel travels to a bar mill where it is rolled between cylinders. These rollers squeeze the steel into long sections with uniform thickness. Depending on the application, the steel pieces may go through more than one round of rolling to create distinct shapes. Finally, when it has reached the desired profile, the steel is allowed to cool.

Hot-Rolled Grouser Bars

Hot Rolled Grouser Bars

At McDonald Steel, we are equipped to roll bars into over 500 symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes. This includes hot-rolled grouser bars, which are used to replace track shoes on heavy machinery. These components feature a protrusion called a grouser that increases traction with the ground. Grouser bars can restore aging tracked machines to OEM-level performance, giving them the ability to rip through rock, sand, soil, and debris.

Agriculture Industry Uses

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture components are constantly exposed to heat, dirt, chemicals, and precipitation. To prevent corrosion and premature wear, farming equipment must be made from rugged materials that can withstand these harsh conditions. Hot-rolled steel is ideal for these settings, offering an ideal combination of strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Durable hot-rolled steel can extend the working life of agricultural equipment and storage facilities. Examples include:

  • Silos
  • Barns
  • Tractors
  • Balers, pickers, and other harvest equipment
  • Watering systems and hydraulic components

Other applications are possible, extending from simple structural supports to complex livestock and crop management systems.

Mining Industry Uses

Mining Industry

Like agricultural equipment, equipment used in the mining industry must withstand harsh environments and chemical exposures. Vibration and shock resistance are also important in these settings, especially for excavating and transporting materials. Hot-rolled steel offers reliable performance under these conditions, allowing mining operations to proceed smoothly and safely.

Hot-rolled steel is ideal for both general mining infrastructure as well as highly specialized equipment. Common applications include:

  • Support beams
  • Workbenches
  • Ladders
  • Grinding balls
  • Light rails

Whether used to remove, process, or transport materials, hot-rolled steel supports essential functions across mining sites.

Hot-Rolled Steel From McDonald Steel

Hot-rolled steel is strong, durable, and versatile, performing well in many demanding applications. Its mechanical and chemical characteristics are especially well-suited to mining and agricultural applications, which require a high degree of strength and environmental resistance. These benefits also come at a relatively low cost, making it an economical option for both high and low-volume runs.

McDonald Steel’s hot-rolled special steel shapes are an ideal alternative to forged, cast, extruded, or machined parts for agriculture or mining OEM equipment. The near-net manufacturing process saves time and money compared to other manufacturing methods while still yielding quality parts. To learn how hot-rolled steel components can benefit your agriculture or mining application, contact Mcdonald Steel today.