We can help you to design your own near net shape within our tooling and rolling capabilities. By precisely determining the exact requirements of your application, we can develop a unique roll design that can minimize or eliminate subsequent machining, thereby reducing your manufacturing costs.  Reference the below shape limits and remember all corners and internal angles should be rounded and all potential section configurations must include a positive taper relief of 5 degrees.

Thickness    –  3/16”  to  2-1/2”
Width            –  3”  to 10-7/8”
Weight/ft.     –  3.94  to 39.50 #/ft.

Standard square or rectangular steel billets can be hot rolled with your new tooling on our 14” cross country bar mill to produce economical near net sections. These hot rolled special shapes compete successfully with forgings, castings, extrusions, cold drawings and machined products in both price and precision.

Just call our technical professionals at 330-530-9118 or forward your specifications with a scale drawing of your proposed near net shape to mscshapes@mcdonaldsteel.com. Our team is ready to assist with new manufacturing efficiencies for your product development.

Hot Rolled Design Success: D.S. Brown Expansion Joint