McDonald Steel’s 14” production line is an eleven stand cross-country bar mill. After the hot steel bar exits the mill’s roughing stands, it is never in more than one roll stand at any time. This is vital to hot rolling non-symmetrical shapes because it allows the bar to spread into the required shape that has been contoured into the roll design.

A typical semi-finished billet exits the furnace at 2300º F. This malleable heat level is evenly distributed throughout the body of the billet assuring a uniform rolling temperature. As the steel travels through the eleven two-high roll stands, it is progressively squeezed, shaped and elongated until it leaves the eleventh or finishing roll stand as a 140’ long section. This rolling and shaping journey through the mill takes less than two minutes from furnace to cooling bed and the profile of the billet has changed from a square or rectangle to an irregular or asymmetrical section.

The McDonald Steel facility is one of the few cross-country mills in the world capable of producing non-symmetrical shapes. Our walking hearth reheat furnace, roller bearing finishing stand, double rolling capabilities and slitting operations produce end products with optimum shape control and consistent mechanical properties.